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Professional Studio
Prompter  21” 

The State of the Art Super High Brightness Tele-Prompter RT-2100 for Professional Broadcast Studio RT-2100,

21inch Tele-Prompter is designed for professional broadcast studio.

RT-2100 expresses the visible manuscript screen with a high-brightness and a high-contrast ratio by adopting high performance 21” 16:9 LCD panel and minimizes the effect of the manuscript screen to camera lens by high quality mirror glass. Also, RT-2100 supports a various of input to be able to have a flexibility. Supported input is not only CVBS and VGA but also HD-SDI and HDMI.
RT-2100 promotes the stability by choosing the solid and light material and the fast setting depending on various camera and its options by using the adjustable balancing camera plate to shorten the time.
Manuscript Prompter Software is not an option and it can interface with Mouse, Keyboard, Remote controller and etc. You can achieve an easy operation. The feature of real-time editing while rolling up a manuscript enables a quick react at any time and any conditions.
There are several options to be ready such as SMPTE Time Clock, Preview Monitor to make a convenience to the news anchor and the announcer.

Key Features of RT-2100

- 21" LCD panel with 1500nit High Brightness
- Variety of Input: SDI, HDMI, CVBS, DVI
- SMPTE Time Clock, Preview Monitor option
- Clearly readable with the high quality mirror glass
- Remote-control Teleprompting Software capable of  the 
  real-time text change
- Lightweight and versatile camera mounting system
- Tally Support


MBN Studio in Korea

WOW-TV Studio in Korea

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