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High Dynamic Range LUT BOX-4K "HLB-4K"


Color Management LUT BOX "PICS-L"

HLB-4K is a stand-alone converter which supports up-conversion and down-conversion between 4K and HD, HDR to SDR conversion and vice versa, color gamut conversion between BT.2020 and BT.709.

PICS-L (Postium Intelligent Color System LUTbox) is a stand-alone colorspace, resolution, and signal format processing unit that utilizes our PICS control software running on a connected PC. The PICS-L supports up/down-conversion between 4K and HD.

High Dynamic Range LUT BOX-4K


- Native 65x65x65 30 Bit User 3D-LUT Support

- Tetrahedral Interpolation

- Waveform / Vector Scope Monitor Out

- HDR / SDR Conversion (Non 3D-LUT)

- Input & Output Signal  Format Conversion

- Color Space Conversion 

- TV and Monitor Calibration

4K/12G SDI Distribution


- SDI Distribution Amplifier
- 1 SDI Input (SD/HD/3G/6G/12G)
- 4 SDI Outputs(SD/HD/3G/6G/12G)
- DC 5V ~ 12V Wide Operating Voltage Range
- Built-in Battery
- Chargeable through USB & Adapter

Color Management LUT BOX


- Native 33x33x33 30bit 3D-LUT
- Tetrahedral Interpolation
- Apply 3D LUT

Closed Caption Decoder of Korean


- SDI Closed Caption Decoder
- Supports Korean KRCC 708(Service 1-6)
- No CC DATA Alarm Function
- 1 SDI Input (SD/HD)
- 1 SDI 1 HDMI Closed Caption Decoded Output
- Supports Vesa Mount Setup
- Power Adaptor

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