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Color Management LUT BOX "PICS-L"

HLB-4K is a stand-alone converter which supports up-conversion and down-conversion between 4K and HD, HDR to SDR conversion and vice versa, color gamut conversion between BT.2020 and BT.709.

PICS-L (Postium Intelligent Color System LUTbox) is a stand-alone colorspace, resolution, and signal format processing unit that utilizes our PICS control software running on a connected PC. The PICS-L supports up/down-conversion between 4K and HD.

4K/12G SDI Distribution


- SDI Distribution Amplifier
- 1 SDI Input (SD/HD/3G/6G/12G)
- 4 SDI Outputs(SD/HD/3G/6G/12G)
- DC 5V ~ 12V Wide Operating Voltage Range
- Built-in Battery
- Chargeable through USB & Adapter


Color Management LUT BOX

PICS-L 이미지(그림).png

- Native 33x33x33 30bit 3D-LUT
- Tetrahedral Interpolation
- Apply 3D LUT

Closed Caption Decoder of Korean


- SDI Closed Caption Decoder
- Supports Korean KRCC 708(Service 1-6)
- No CC DATA Alarm Function
- 1 SDI Input (SD/HD)
- 1 SDI 1
HDMI® Closed Caption Decoded Output
- Supports Vesa Mount Setup
- Power Adaptor

Klein K10-A



Tristimulus Colorimeter with Long-Range Measurement Capabilites

The Klein K10-A has long been regarded as the industry standard in display calibration. It’s enhanced optics give it a 3X advantage in sensitivity over the original K-10 SF. The K10-A can measure from any distance, making it perfect for calibration of any diplay type, even projectors. The unparalleled speed and iconic design of this colorimeter have made it the most widely known Klein product.

Calibration  S/W

You can calibrate all Postium monitors.

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