Color Management LUT Box


PICS-L (Postium Intelligent Color System LUTbox) is a stand-alone colorspace, resolution, and signal format processing unit that utilizes our PICS control software running on a connected PC. The PICS-L is designed to profiling and calibrate displays, creating, converting, and applying 3D LUTs to match multiple display technologies across image monitoring workflows. The PICS-L supports up/down-conversion between 4K and HD. Additionally, 12G-SDI single link, 3G quad link and HDMI video input can be output to 12G-SDI single link and HDMI.

Apply 3D LUT

3D LUT Select

3D LUT 1∼10 - For 3D LUT 1-10, you can assign a 3D LUT by importing “.cube” files.

System Control

Back-up - Exporting/Importing setting data to PC available. Allows much easier control
of building the systems

* Specifications may be changed without notice.